Why Miami Physical Therapy Associates?

Who's Your Therapist?

Our Approach

You have a family doctor..... You have a family dentist.....
But do you have a family physical therapist?

At Miami Physical Therapy Associates, Inc. we are changing the way people view physical therapy. We establish long-lasting compassionate relationships with our clients. Physical therapists are specialists in musculoskeletal problems. We know the body inside and out, from head to toe. We can treat your back pain, your daughter's scoliosis, your growing son's knee pain, your mother's hip replacement. You can call us after a car accident, or hurting yourself at the gym. You can consult us for wellness and osteoporosis prevention.

Don't wait until your aches and pains consume you to consult your doctor. In the state of Florida we have direct access to physical therapy. This means you can come directly to us for treatment without referral from your doctor, if your insurance company allows. If your problem is beyond our scope of practice, we will make the appropriate referral. We are here to help. We are also here to prevent injuries, to determine where your weaknesses lie and help keep your body healthy and strong.

Miami Physical Therapy Associates, Inc. is committed to helping you maximize your independence by working together with you to set individualized goals. We hope to optimize the quality of your movements and improve your performance and function. Our goal is to restore the skills that are of value to you in your everyday life.

Under our logo are the words "Carpe Diem". This exemplifies a mindset fostered by our team which is passed on to our patients.

All of our therapists are licensed by the state of Florida and are members of the American Physical Therapy Association and the Florida Physical Therapy Association.

We have a well-rounded team with over 100 years of combined experience in the areas of orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation.

Our family of patients has included the rehabilitation of many professional athletes, movie stars and community leaders.

"Our biggest complement is when you refer us to your friends and family."

Experience. Compassion. Results.
Welcome to Miami Physical Therapy Associates.

We provide a comprehensive approach to outpatient rehabilitation. Our practice was founded in 1980 on the premise that patients deserve the highest level of care from skilled, qualified professionals. We take pride in improving the quality of our patients' lives through practical, function-based, individually tailored physical therapy. Our state-of-the-art equipment is specifically designed to address the individual needs of our patients in order to enhance the therapeutic process.

Our office offers treatment for:

Spinal Cord Injury
Lower extremity Amputees
Neck Pain
Back Pain
Sports Injuries
Orthopedic Injuries
Multiple Trauma
Neurological Injuries
Work related Injuries
Chronic Pain
Balance Problems
Gait Impairments
Rehabilitation Equipment Recommendations
Bracing options

Each year Miami Physical Therapy Associates tries to give back to our community for the well-being of our patients. We are proud to sponsor the research and fundraising efforts of:

The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis
The Buoniconti Fund
Shake-A-Leg Foundation
University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine, Department of Physical Therapy
Alan T. Brown Foundation to Cure Paralysis
The Sabrina Cohen Foundation for Stem Cell Research
The Woody Foundation

We are Organizational Members of The National Spinal Cord Injury Association.

Our Services

Neurological Rehabilitation
Orthopedic and Sports Rehabilitation
Spine Care
Balance & Coordination Training
Gait Training
Wheelchair Prescription
Orthotics and Prosthetics Recommendation
      & Training

Home Exercise Programs
Other Services

Miami Physical Therapy Associates, Inc. is committed to helping you maximize your independence by working together with you to set individualized goals. We hope to optimize the quality of your movement and improve performance and function while ensuring the development of skills that are of value to you in your everyday life.

During your first visit, you will be carefully evaluated by one of our licensed physical therapists and, in combination with your physician's orders and your personal goals, the most appropriate exercise protocol will be formulated to ensure a safe and healthy recovery.

Our therapy team will closely guide you with proper technique, intensity and safety while performing your exercises. Our therapists are highly qualified and experienced to modify and adjust any exercise to meet your individual abilities, needs and goals. The majority of your therapy session will consist of one-on-one treatment, which may include manual therapy, exercise prescription, and education.

Our clinic is also outfitted with three well-resourced therapy rooms and a gym area with specialized equipment to enhance treatment outcomes.
Neurological Rehabilitation

Neurological rehabilitation includes treatment of a broad range of neurological diseases and their sequelae. Our clinic specializes in neuromuscular rehabilitation and the development of programs that maximize function and minimize long-term disability.

Commonly treated neurological diagnoses include:

Spinal Cord Injury
Cerebrovascular Accident (CVA) or Stroke
Multiple Sclerosis
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
Parkinson's Disease/Parkinsonism
Guillain-Barre Syndrome
Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
Drop Foot

We are proud to be certified in LSVT®BIG training for patients with Parkinson's Disease and other movement related disorders.
Orthopedic and Sports Rehabilitation

Whether you're a professional athlete, a weekend warrior or lead a sedentary lifestyle, our therapists are prepared to design the ideal plan of care to address your physical needs.

We have had the pleasure of treating movie and music celebrities, and professional athletes from the NFL, MLB, NBA and FIFA.

We often utilize the application of Kinesiotape to complement physical therapy treatment.

Commonly treated orthopedic injuries include:

Pre and Post Surgical Conditions Of All Joints
Strains and Sprains
Bursitis and Tendonitis
Rotator Cuff Tears and Other Shoulder Injuries
Knee Injuries Such as Ligament or Meniscal Tears
Tennis Elbow
Total Joint Replacement
Lower Extremity Amputee Rehabilitation
Spine Care

Physical therapy treatment for your spine starts with a thorough evaluation. Your physical therapist will design a personalized rehabilitation program taking into account your past medical history, current symptoms, diagnostic tests, doctors recommendations and most importantly, your personal goals. Your treatment may consist of a combination of modalities for pain management, manual techniques, therapeutic massage, therapeutic exercises, spinal stabilization programs and Pilates-based exercises.

We offer expert treatment of:

Low Back or Neck Pain
Radiating pain
Spinal Stenosis
Herniated Discs
Posture Improvement
Body Mechanics Instruction
Pre and Post-Operative Spine Care
Drop Foot

Balance and Coordination Training

Good balance and coordination allow you to move efficiently and safely through your environment, but may be severely affected following neurological or orthopedic injuries. Deficits in balance and coordination may also be seen as a result of vestibular system dysfunction. However, by incorporating appropriate balance exercises, physical therapists are trained to enhance your response to the external environment, improve your safety, and decrease your risk of falls.
Gait Training

Gait training is a specialized skill of physical therapists. Whether learning to use crutches safely, getting rid of a limp, or taking some precious first steps after a stroke or spinal cord injury, our physical therapists have the expertise to assist you in your optimal return to walking.

In our clinic we offer:

Computerized assessment of your gait pattern (Biodex Gait Trainer)
Gait training with body weight support system (Locomot)
Gait training with electrical stimulation (Bioness)
Gait training with various leg braces
Gait training for amputees (including the C-Leg)
Gait training with the robotic exoskeleton (ReWalk)

Wheelchair Prescription

The proper wheelchair prescription promotes optimal function, postural correction, relief of pain, and improved appearance. Selecting and prescribing the appropriate wheelchair requires skill and experience. This is done routinely in our office and we are frequently referred to by doctors, many funding sources, and agencies due to our expertise and reputation in the area of wheelchair prescriptions.

Our office offers expertise in:

Manual wheelchairs
Power wheelchairs
Power-assisted wheels
Backrest recommendation
Cushion assessment
Postural Problems
Seating Problems

Orthotics and Prosthetics Recommendation & Training

If you have a desire to walk again or difficulty walking, the use of special orthotics or leg braces may be right for you. Orthotics and braces are routinely used in our comprehensive approach to rehabilitation. Our therapists are skilled and experienced in prescription and training in the use of orthotics to promote function or therapeutic gait. We also offer gait training for amputees who desire to walk with prosthetic limbs.

Commonly prescribed custom-made orthotics include:


Assistive devices may include:

Forearm crutches
Axillary crutches
Up and Go Walker

Home Exercise Programs

A thorough individually tailored home exercise program is included with every rehabilitation program. This will complement concepts and exercises learned during therapy sessions, in order for patients to have better outcomes.
Other Services

In addition to the Physical Therapy you receive at Miami PTA, we can help you arrange Occupational Therapy, Aquatic Therapy, Psychotherapy, and Speech Therapy with qualified and skilled professionals in the community. We also offer home evaluations for accessibility and modifications.

We can also refer you for driving evaluations and lessons and orthotic /prosthetic care.

We offer skilled care for the treatment of patients status post mastectomy who may have pain, stiffness and difficulty with upper body and trunk movements.

Our Equipment

AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill
Locomot Body Weight Support

Functional Electrical Stimulation
      (FES) Bikes

Standing Frame and Glider
Biodex Gait Trainer
Biodex Balance System SD
Universal Circuit
Total Gym
Wii Fit
Stairs / Deck

AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill

The AlterG®Anti-Gravity Treadmill® is revolutionizing rehabilitation by allowing you to walk and run with reduced impact. Through patented NASA technology, the AlterG provides up to 80% body weight support to reduce the stress and strain on your body. The benefits of reducing the pull of gravity while you exercise include:

Walk or jog without stress and strain on joints
Improve your balance and control without fear of falling
Build strength and coordination
Walk faster and farther than you normally can
Train through injuries.
Run without pain or discomfort

The AlterG®Anti-Gravity Treadmill® is an effective tool to help treat patients with the following conditions:

Joint replacements
Orthopedic or sports injuries involving the hips, knees, and ankles
Overweight or obese
Difficulty with balance and walking
Stroke, Spinal Cord Injury, Ataxia, or other neurological conditions

ReWalk Rehabilitation

The ReWalk is a robotic exoskeleton which allows for standing, walking, turning, sitting, and the capacity to ascend and descend stairs. It functions outdoors and on various terrains. The ReWalk provides a unique means of exercise and therapy, and it allows patients to evaluate their capacity for potentially having a home device in the future. The ReWalk offers users practical benefits such as the potential to perform activities functional upright activities, access to buildings without ramps, and eye-to-eye contact with others. There are also many health benefits currently being evaluated.

Clinical Selection Criteria for the ReWalk:

Lower extremity paralysis or paresis
T1 level or below
Fair or better trunk control
Good upper body strength and range of motion, including hand function
Clearance from a physician to begin a standing program based on having good bone density and a healthy cardiovascular system
Sufficient lower extremity passive range of motion
Able to tolerate standing and gait program
Patient must be between ~5'0" - 6'4" and weight less than 220 lbs.


Uncontrolled spasticity or clonus
Infection, pressure sores or DVT
Pregnancy or lactating females
Severe concurrent medical conditions
Psychiatric or cognitive issues
Joint contractures

The ReWalk is currently FDA approved for rehabilitation use in the clinic. The personal model was launched in 2012 and is awaiting FDA clearance.
Locomot Body Weight Support System

This rehabilitation device is used for individuals which require body weight support for ambulation. Individuals with decreased lower extremity strength, balance deficits, who require support when walking, or who require partial weight bearing on their lower extremities can ambulate with this device on a treadmill. The patient is placed into a harness which is then connected to an overhead support system. Varying percentages of body weight can be supported depending on the patient's needs.
Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) Bikes

We have two RTI functional electrical stimulation (FES) bicycles. This is excellent for individuals who have little or no voluntary leg movement to be able to actively pedal a stationary bicycle with the power of their own muscles. Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) uses computer controlled safe electrical currents passing through electrodes on the skin to initiate muscle contractions in the legs.

The computerized FES cycling program provides significant benefits, including:

Relaxation of muscle spasms
Prevention or retardation of disuse atrophy
Increased local blood circulation
Increased range of motion
Muscle re-education
Aerobic exercise

Published clinical indications have also shown an increase in cardiopulmonary function, an increase in muscle mass and tone, reduced frequency of pressure sores, improvements of bowel and bladder function, and a decrease in urinary tract infections and other secondary medical complications.
Standing Frame and Glider

There are numerous physiological and psychological benefits to standing. Our standing frames allow for upright posture for people with weakness or paralysis. A regular standing program has been shown to decrease the incidence of secondary complications from prolonged wheelchair use.
Biodex Gait Trainer

This state of the art treadmill allows for computerized analysis of your gait pattern. It also has a biofeedback feature for gait training. Changes in cadence, step length and step efficiency can be recorded. This is a great way to objectively track improvements in your walking over the course of your therapy.
Biodex Balance System SD

The Biodex Balance System SD has been designed to meet the needs of everyone looking to improve balance, increase agility, develop muscle tone and treat a wide variety of pathologies. Featuring easy-to-follow "touch-screen" operation, the Balance System SD is simple to learn and operate, leading the user step-by-step through testing protocols and training modes in both static and dynamic formats. Extremely versatile, it is the only system that provides a fast, accurate Fall Risk Screening and Conditioning Program for older adults; closed-chain, weight-bearing assessment and training for lower extremity patients; and adds the balance assessment component to a concussion management program.
Universal Circuit

Weight training may be included as part of your upper body strengthening routine. Our Universal Circuit is adaptable and wheelchair accessible.
Total Gym

Our "Power Tower" is a versatile piece of equipment for strengthening the core and all extremities. It is safe and supportive for all types of injuries, including orthopedic and neurological weaknesses. It allows for partial weight-bearing exercises and may also used for Pilates-based rehabilitation.
Wii® Fit

Have fun while you work on balance, coordination and strength! This may also be a great complement to your home exercise program.
Stairs / Deck

Whether you have difficulty with ramps, stairs or uneven terrain, Miami Physical Therapy Associates is prepared to take you outdoors and train you in the challenges of the real world.

Miami Physical Therapy Associates is proud to announce the integration of Bioness technology into our rehabilitation programs. Bioness offers award-winning medical devices designed to benefit people with Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Traumatic Brain Injury, Cerebral Palsy, and Spinal Cord Injury. These products use electrical stimulation to help people regain mobility and independence, to improve quality of life and productivity. Our physical therapists are trained in the use of the Ness L300 Drop Foot stimulator, as well as the H200 Hand Rehabilitation unit.

For more information on these products please feel free to visit the Bioness website at http://www.bioness.com/Home.php.

Traditional physical therapy modalities such as moist heat, electrical stimulation, massage, iontophoresis, ultrasound and ice packs may also be incorporated into your treatment to address soft tissue injuries, pain, or swelling.

Our Team

Miriam Marie Guanche
Carla D. Ruhl
Marcie Howkins
Sarah A. Carballo
Rebeca Garcia Robinson
Alexandra De Amicis
Administrative Staff

Miriam graduated from University of Miami, School of Medicine with a Bachelor of Health Science in 1997 and Master of Science in Physical Therapy in 2000. She has been the Clinical Director of Miami Physical Therapy Associates since 2004 and was recently featured in Poder magazine.

Her areas of expertise are in spine rehabilitation, sports related injuries and neurological injuries. Advanced training has included spinal stabilization courses, neurological rehabilitation courses for stroke, Parkinson's disease and spinal cord injury, PNF training, pilates-based rehabilitation courses, balance and vestibular rehabilitation courses, aquatic therapy courses, and Grey Institute courses for functional orthopedic and sports rehabilitation. Miriam is certified in evaluation and training for the use of the Bioness H200 and L300 and the Rewalk. She is a certified LSVT BIG practitioner for the treatment of Parkinson's Disease and other neurological impairments.

Miriam plays an active role in clinical education. She is a Clinical Instructor and has taught as volunteer faculty at the University of Miami School of Medicine Department of Physical Therapy. She is a member of American Physical Therapy Association and the Florida Physical Therapy Association since 1998. She is a member of the Private Practice section, Orthopedic and Neurology Section. She strongly believes in giving back to her community by supporting various organizations including the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, Shake- a Leg Foundation, the Buoniconti Fund, the Alan T. Brown Foundation to Cure Paralysis, St. Jude Children�s Hospital and The Sabrina Cohen Foundation for Stem Cell Research.

Miriam works closely with her patients to improve full functional recovery and reach their maximum potential. She has a thorough approach combining manual techniques, therapeutic functional exercises and modalities to accelerate the healing process. Miriam's compassion, creativity and healing touch will make your experience at therapy enjoyable and productive! Outside of the clinic Miriam enjoys traveling, concerts, quality time with her husband and daughters and entertaining for family and friends.

Alex graduated from the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine in May 2016 with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. She was awarded the "Academic Excellence Award" and the "Rubley/Roberts Endowed Service Scholarship Award" for her efforts implementing the school's first student-run clinic servicing the underserved populations of Miami, Florida. Alex has been a member of the APTA since 2013.

She is currently training to be a Maitland Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist (COMPT). This certification is recognized worldwide as a comprehensive approach to evaluation and treatment of the orthopedic patient to reduce pain and inflammation, restore movement, and maximize function. Additional areas of interest are myofascial techniques, ART, Pilates-based rehabilitation, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, return to play regimens for athletes and amputee gait training.

Alex enjoys working with a variety of patients from orthopedic to neurological conditions. Her patient's continue to challenge, inspire and motivate her to be a better PT and help them maximize their recovery.

In her spare time she can be found spending time with friends, trying new restaurants and work out studios, traveling home to Boston and enjoying the outdoors with her dog.

Carla graduated from Florida International University in 1987 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy. She has been a valuable member of our team since 1994. She has been a member of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) for over 20 years. Currently she is a member of both the Orthopedic and Neurology sections of the APTA.

Carla has expertise in the evaluation and treatment of various neurological and orthopedic conditions with a specialty in the rehabilitation for spinal cord injury, Parkinson's, stroke, pre-and post operative spine surgery as well as many orthopedic diagnoses. She is skilled at various treatments including trunk/core stabilization, proprioceptive neurofacilitation techniques, Kinesiotaping methods, body weight supported ambulation, balance training and assessment as well as gait training and orthotic consultation. Carla is also of several PTs at the office that performs seating and wheelchair evaluations. She also provides osteoporosis education and postural training exercises based upon her clinical training in the Sara Meeks Method of osteoporosis care.

Carla is also a Certified LSVT BIG clinician to treat gait, balance and postural issues for patients with Parkinsons disease. She is a certified Kinesiotaping practioner and has the expertise evaluating for and training in the use of the Bioness Systems L300 Foot Droop System and the H200 Hand Rehabilitation System.

Carla's commitment to teaching and learning is exemplary. She is the Center Coordinator of Clinical Education and plays an active role in clinical education for graduate students.

She is a volunteer member of Sabrina's Adaptive Beach Days crew where twice a month 64th and Collins Ave is made wheelchair accessible for residents and visitors to Miami Beach.

Outside of the clinic, Carla enjoys traveling, culinary adventures and quality time with her husband and daughter.

Marcie graduated from University of Miami with a Bachelor of Science in Physical therapy in 1987. She has expertise in orthopedic, sports related injuries, geriatrics, spinal cord injuries and other neurological disorders.

Marcie is a current member of the American Physical Therapy Association, including the orthopedic and sports section. Advanced training has included multiple orthopedic, balance, neurological based rehabilitation and sports related courses.

Marcie is certified in evaluation and training for the use of the Bioness H200 and L300.

Marcie is also skilled in Kinesiotaping, muscle energy techniques and treatment of the overhead athlete.

Outside of the clinic, Marcie enjoys the arts, playing tennis, bellydancing and spending time with her husband and two sons.

Sarah graduated with honors from the University of Miami's Doctor of Physical Therapy Program in 2010 and has been with us since. She has been a member of the American Physical Therapy Association since 2007.

Sarah has a particular interest in neurological rehabilitation as well as in the management of orthopedic conditions. She enjoys working with patients who have undergone surgery and joint replacements, and seeing them reach their goals and regain their functional mobility.

Sarah's goal when working with her patients is to educate them along the way in order for them to be able to manage their particular condition in the long run. She treats all patients with the dignity, patience and courtesy they deserve.

Sarah evaluates and trains patients with the Bioness Systems L300 Foot Drop System and Bioness H200 Hand Rehabilitation System. Sarah is skilled in ReWalk assessment and training. She has also completed continuing education courses on various manual therapy techniques including the Graston Technique and other advanced education in the area of spinal cord rehabilitation focusing on the current research, technology and practice in treating individuals with spinal cord injuries. Sarah enjoys working with various groups of people and has worked with performers from the musical Hair. 

Sarah is a certified LSVT BIG practitioner for the treatment of Parkinson's Disease and other neurological impairments.

Outside of the office Sarah enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter. She also enjoys playing with her dogs, exercising, and cooking. 

A graduate of the Miller School of Medicine in May 2006, Rebeca won the Steven J. Rose Student Research Award for her work on "The Effect of High vs. Low Frequency Stimulation on Pinch Grip Strength" performed in conjunction with the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis.

Rebeca has been trained on the evaluation and use of the Bioness H200 Hand Rehabilitation System and the Bioness L300 Drop Foot System. She has also completed continuing education courses in the topics of Pilates for rehabilitation, evaluation and treatment of vestibular disorders, prosthetic fitness and gait, and various aspects of neurological rehabilitation.

Rebeca has been an APTA member since 2003. She has a special interest in the treatment areas of vestibular and balance disorders, spinal cord injury, and orthopedic and sports related injuries. Her enthusiastic smile and constant encouragement to improve performance helps her patients meet their individual goals. Becky enjoys entertaining, trying out new recipes, and enjoying family time with her husband and two young children.


Siuchee Lui
Office Manager

Maria Elena Diaz
Office Administrator

Viviana Forero
Administrative Assistant

Our Patients

Success Stories

At the time of my first visit to Miami Physical Therapy Associates, Inc., I was in a great deal of pain. My initial evaluation was comprehensive and thorough. My therapist was consistently attentive throughout the course of my treatment. It soon became obvious that there was an across-the-board commitment to exceptional care by all of the staff. The state of the art facility and the positive and encouraging atmosphere was a contributing factor to my complete recovery. As a long time Miami resident, I have used physical therapist services in the past. The contrast is stunning. At Miami PTA it is crystal clearthat the business model is patient driven. It's all about delivering the finest level of care to the patient.

-D. Campbell

On June 11th, 2012 my life as I knew it stopped. I fractured cervical six and cervical seven of my spinal cord, a catastrophic injury that resulted in paralysis of my legs, my core and my right hand, better known as quadriplegia. I was in the hospital for almost 3 months and had to figure out how to deal with life on the outside. Dr. Green, my treating physician, recommended with high accolades, Miami Physical Therapy Associates. No words can even come close to describing the person I was when I entered Miami PTA. Prior to this injury, I could be described as a motivated, confident person, poised, resilient and self-reliant. Post injury, I was weighed-down emotionally with tremendous physical obstacles to overcome, drenched in worry, self-loathing, depression and insecurity. I was broken. This was a new reality that I wanted no part of but only had two choices in the matter...sink or swim. Miami PTA helped me to "swim" so to speak. I have been with the practice since September 2012 and the person that I am now is confident, hopeful and more independent. I look forward to going to therapy. I can do things today that I thought were lost forever. I love the physical challenges that Carla Ruhl, my therapist, presents to me and; with every physical success that I have I am brought one step closer to the life that I long for prior to that horrific day.

My treatment plan is always dynamic and progressive, never static or stagnant, consisting of a team oriented atmosphere of highly competent therapists who are continually educating themselves on cutting edge treatments in the world of spinal cord injury and rehabilitation. Most importantly, hope, respect and dignity is the rule, not the exception at Miami PTA and is noticeably obvious in the attitudes of every therapist and aid that works there. They are a group of people that I don't just consider my clinic of choice for rehabilitation, but more importantly a network of support that I can undoubtably call my friends.

-Mary Vaccaro

September 7, 2005. A date no one acknowledges but my mother, father, siblings, and myself. A day that seemed just like any other became a nightmare. After walking home from school with a school friend, a car suddenly ran us over while we were on the sidewalk. The damage was severe as my leg was lacerated and lost most of my skin and fat on my right leg. My left ankle was broken and damaged the growth plate, giving it the potential to stop growing(which never happened :D). After two months of rehabilitation, doctors found it necessary to place me into Miami Physical Therapy. There, on February 9, 2006, I met my therapist. The exercises she put me through not only made me stronger physically, but mentally. As of today, I'm still grateful for what she, and the rest of the team, did for me. At 16, I stride over most students in running, and back into playing baseball for my high school, soon to be varsity, team!

-Diego Davila

Being a professional athlete for 21 years in my sport I've been in the ICU 4 times with various serious injuries. I am blessed to have the best spinal surgeon in the country, for whom recommended Miami Physical Therapy Associates. My experience and the therapy were more than satisfactory. I was stronger than before my injuries. My therapist guided and strengthened my skill better than I was ever in my career. Miami Physical Therapy is a program that brings out the best you can be. I am thankful they exist.

-P.J. Lydon

I arrived at Miami PT between Christmas and New Years of 2002. I am a T8 incomplete paraplegic who got this way after a terrible 32' fall. Miami PT came recommended by just about everyone I contacted in the Miami physician circles and I can testify that those who recommended Robin Smith and Miriam Guanche were right as a summer rain.

My therapy began with tapping back a balloon to Robin Smith (Jedi therapist) to strengthen my trunk which had no stability. The road to recovery begins not with a single step but with a balloon tap exercise who would have thought it. I enjoyed no motor function below the level of my injury and no independence in my daily living. Fast forward to today and I am as independent as can be considering and continue to make marked progress toward my goal of community ambulation. This dream would never have been even thinkable were it not for Miriam Guanche's efforts. She has employed her unequaled SCI knowledge with utter professionalism and a great attitude and smile. The therapy employed has been a myriad of methods from pool therapy to functional electrical stimulation and all points in between.

I have witnessed a plethora of patients who arrive in the pink building broken and depart with marked improvement and increased hope no exceptions. Robin and Miriam have surrounded themselves with a very caring and competent staff. Miami P.T. is the place you want to be in the event you or a loved one suffer a physical calamity like I did. I enjoy a better life thanks to these angels on earth and will forever be grateful to God that I was placed in their care. They are the best, period. I hope they never change for your benefit.

-Raul Pedraza

I came to Miami PT with the use of one limb, sitting in a wheelchair, not even able to pick up my head. Other therapy places told me "I would never walk and get used to being in a wheelchair." From day one, I was treated with respect, optimism, and tough love. Boot camp had begun. We all had the same goal to get me to walk and restore my dignity. My therapists always provided positive energy and helped me work through my fears and anxieties. I consider Miami Physical Therapy a family community, not a rehabilitation center. They embraced my family and me in and out of therapy, always including me in social events. Today, I walk full time with a walker, with my head upright, and within reach of a quad cane.

-Keith Fern

En el año 1966 sufrí una parálisis desde la séptima vértebra toráxica que me dejó en una silla de ruedas. Siempre he estado en terapia con la esperanza de volver a caminar. En el 2004 empecé a participar en el Miami Project y para entrar en un estudio de caminar, necesitaba un entrenamiento especial, así fue que conocí de Miami Physical Therapy. Cuando el estudio concluyó, empecé en este centro y ya estoy caminando con un "walker" especial, por lo que les estoy muy agradecida.

-Leida Miret

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Miami Physical Therapy Associates, Inc. accepts Medicare, Workers Compensation, Visa and Mastercard. We are in network with BCBS, AvMed (PHCS), Aetna, and Cigna private insurances. We also accept other insurances with out of network benefits. Packages are available for self-pay clients and clients interested in the AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill®.

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